Researchers found that Tetris can help to cope with stress

Games are useful not only for children, but also to appease adults. As shown by studies of Swedish scientists, the game "Tetris" can calm the nervous system and bring the body back to normal after experiencing terrible events and the resulting stress.

Experts have offered a study on people involved in the incident or witness to tragedies on the road. Just experiment was attended by about 70 people. Subjects needed to remember the terrible moments of a car accident, and talk about them in detail. It was further suggested a game of "Tetris" for twenty minutes. Some volunteers were so interested in the game that do this unwittingly spent a few hours.

Therapy of Tetris took place throughout the week. As a result, about 62% of people involved in the experiment is much less likely to go into bad memories. The mental state of this group of people has considerably improved. A simple game is able to alleviate the condition of post-traumatic stress.

Experts say that people that have experienced serious traumatic psyche events, high level of anxiety, they are constantly thinking about the event, and sometimes suffer from memory loss.

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