Researchers: dependence on social networking provokes children's alcoholism

The craze of social networks increases the likelihood of adolescent development alcohol dependence. To this unexpected conclusion reached by scientists from Ohio state University. They found that excessive social networking is a dangerous signal. Most likely, the teenager has other, more dangerous addiction.

But here's the thing. For all addictions meets one area in the brain. Everything else on social networks often found direct or indirect promotion of alcohol. Scientists suggest that this propaganda is easily clings to the consciousness of young people. As a result, dependence on social networking clinging and dependency on alcohol.

Researchers are reminded that the brains of children and adolescents undergoes the stages of formation. Compare it with the clay. Even a neutral mention of the alcohol can form a positive picture of alcohol consumption. That's why Hobbies for their children it is better to follow. Sometimes Internet addiction may be hiding more serious things.

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