Researchers are advised to sleep in the dark

American researchers are advised to turn off all the lights in the room during sleep, including telephones, TVs in sleep mode. The Windows at night is better to hang thick curtains or blinds to ensure complete peace of mind.

Lack of sleep and reducing its quality is adversely affecting the operation of the whole organism. Bad mood, lack of appetite and desire to do anything can be linked to the lack of sleep caused by night noise and light.

Night lighting is disrupting biological rhythms and interferes with the recovery of the body after a long day of work. Researchers are advised to use special light bulbs red glow at the time when the night there is a need to get up.

Blue light tablets, phones, laptops and televisions increases anxiety and interferes within 1-2 hours after bedtime to fall asleep quickly. To improve the quality of sleep is enough to stop using the gadgets for a few hours before bedtime.

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