Researchers are advised to postpone important things "for later"

Scientists conducted a study and found that the productivity of a person increases if he started the job immediately and did some pause in work.

Through laboratory experiments and based on the test results, the researchers came to the conclusion: to put off work for later useful. So you can achieve greater effect and without the requirement for additional resources. Psychologists believe that the most lazy is the group of people aged 26 to 39 years old, not teenagers, as many believe. By delaying the implementation of the orders of parents and preparation for the classes, "scouts" to cope with the task better and faster. And communication with peers in social networks or walking on the street will benefit.

More than 2/3 of the interviewed volunteers confessed that their productivity had increased, if they did a short break before proceeding to the orders of his superiors. This study should give some heads, not giving the descent of his subordinates, the idea that some loyalty would prevent it.

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