Research: publications in social networks improve memory

Messages and news feed on social networks help people to remember information and important events. According to scientists from the United States. The results of the study can be found on the pages of Memory.

Scientists from Cornell University tried to understand how much social networks affect human. At first it took to deal that sees the average person coming to your page. Then in the course of regular surveys of volunteers have been able to come to certain conclusions.

The group of subjects offered within two weeks to write down all the important events of the day. The whole episode had to assess and make about recording a note, whether the person is willing to share this event with friends in social networks.

In two weeks most of the volunteers are unable to remember most things that occurred during this time. Remained in the memory of events that people wanted to share online. Apparently, social networks are really becoming a "second memory" for the modern man. And yet, this phenomenon does more good than harm.

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