Research: much better to sunbathe with vegetables and fruits

Scottish scientists from the University of St. Andrews found that regular use of eating certain fruits and vegetables will give the same effect as if the person regularly visited a Solarium. They managed to prove that daily eating cabbage, kiwi and carrot, the skin can get a tan effect. The experiment was conducted on men and women. During the research for clarity were made photo of the participants of the experiment, before and after him.

Study participants ate a day, three servings of fruits and vegetables, and already after 6 weeks of their skin improved noticeably, it has gained a healthy and youthful appearance and a light tan began to cover her. Independent observers were also shown photos before and after the experiment. They also confirmed changes in skin condition in a better way.

Scottish scientists explain the color change the fact that fruits and vegetables contain a variety of carotenoids, which are, by themselves, are natural dyes. Thanks im gettin coloring tomatoes, carrots, kiwi, and some other fruits and vegetables. Thus, the vegetables are not only useful, but also can be a substitute for a hike to the Solarium.

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