Research has debunked myths about the beneficial properties of wheat

It is believed that wheat is only useful properties, and that is why it is included as a main ingredient in several diets. Meanwhile, research has shown that wheat is fraught with great danger to human health. The position is not saved even by its constituent vitamins and fiber.

Because eating wheat can cause problems with the skin. The carbohydrate composition of wheat is able to split into sugar that eventually may lead to increased levels of glucose in the blood and activate the sebaceous glands. Because of this, the skin gurneet, and it appears acne. In addition, there are many people who suffer from celiac disease is intolerance to wheat.

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According to the study's author William Davis, wheat provokes the occurrence of pain in the joints, as well as the back, knees and hips. In addition, the consumption of wheat leads to increased levels of glucose in the blood because it contains carbohydrates eventually turn into sugar. From this point of view represents a serious danger wheat contains amylopectin. This type of carbohydrates increases the amount of sugar in the body than the use of ordinary table sugar. As you know, an increased level of glucose in the blood leads to the development of diabetes.

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