Research: decisions cannot be taken on an empty stomach

Scientists from the University of Gothenburg established: the process of making the right decisions can fail because of hunger. The researchers even managed to understand the mechanisms of this phenomenon. The results of the work done, tells the newspaper The Times of India.

The hormone ghrelin is secreted in the human body immediately before the meal. It increases appetite and as it turns out, has a negative impact on the decision-making process.

In the experiment, laboratory mice received a dose of sugar each time pressed the lever. Then the animal tried to retrain, giving rewards, when they refrained from pressing the lever. Every action of mice was accompanied by a sound or a flash light for fixing the reflex.

The rodents were administered a dose of the hormone ghrelin directly into the brain. Because of this, animals have evolved an acute sense of hunger. Hormone forced the animals to take wrong decisions and confused. That's why the researchers recommend that all important decisions rested and well-fed.

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