Representatives of the black race are more prone to the development of multiple sclerosis

American scientists have found that the development of multiple sclerosis in humans depends on which race he belongs to. Their research revealed that African Americans are more exposed to the risk of them mentioned diseases, than the representatives of the white race. The obtained results contradict the common belief that the representatives of the black race are less prone to the emergence of their neurological diseases.

The authors of the new study argue that mathematically models the previous research works have shown that blacks are less likely to suffer from neurological diseases, incorrect. Data for new scientific works were selected by scientists in a careful manner. Assistants medical center Kaiser Permanente during its study, which lasted three years, have studied the data of more than three and a half million residents of southern California, which was identified 496, which at the time of the experiment had become ill with multiple sclerosis.

As a result, scientists have found that the risk of the aforementioned diseases increased among African Americans by 47%. Immigrants from Asia and Latin America, on the contrary, had a lower risk of developing multiple sclerosis: 80% and 58%, respectively. In the end, it was found that the highest risk of neurological diseases recorded in dark-skinned women, whereas both sexes of representatives of the Asian and Latin American race has divided the risk equally.

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According to the study's author Dr. Annette Leger hood, the obtained results due to the fact that representatives of the black race levels of vitamin D in the body is lower, which causes the development of multiple sclerosis in a greater degree. However, this hypothesis cannot explain the fact why Hispanics and Asians are less likely to develop this disease than the Westerners.

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