Sugar is harmful to all people, the researchers said. Moreover, no importance weight of a particular person: quick sugars are equally harmful and for the full, and for thin people. About it writes The Guardian.

Robert Lasting, pediatric endocrinologist, wrote a whole book about the dangers of sugar. He examined the status of 43 children with obesity. In the experiment, most of the sugars from the volunteer doctors was replaced by starch, the caloric value of daily diet in almost no change. In just ten days without sugar doctors managed to intensify the work of insulin in the body, which affected the weight of children and the risk of high blood pressure.

Already on the ninth day during the survey, scientists noticed an improvement in metabolism. Later laboratory parameters affected the General health of children. Note, the doctors have replaced sugar with starch only partially (consumption of sugar decreased from 28% to 10%, fructose 12% to 4%).

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