Removable prosthetics - pros and cons

Loss of teeth often perceived painful and is a big problem, bad food pereselyaetsya, smile becomes not an aesthetic, as a result, there is discomfort. Modern dentistry is not in place, and keeps pace with the times and lost teeth regains easily, while patients are offered different options for prosthetics and various materials, and all procedures carried out safely and in high-tech equipment.

If the teeth in the mouth is almost gone, or none at all, then I suggest removable prosthesis or implant. Usually implantation refuse, as it is a costly procedure that has a number of contraindications, and I prefer detachable design. Dentures are one-sided and two-sided, and on the choice of the type of prosthesis is affected by the degree of tooth loss. For the reconstruction of one of the dentition unilateral use prosthesis to restore tooth row from both sides, bilateral prostheses, which are fixed by means of attachments (spectamore). This technology and technique has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of removable prosthetics

- the most versatile method of restoring the dentition, which is used even in the most severe cases;

- lightweight construction;

the huge selection of shades;

- there are no age restrictions and contraindications;

great opportunity health of the remaining teeth;

- simple and not long installation;

- low cost of the procedure;

- minor adjustment;

- can not be afraid to eat any food

Cons procedures

- special health care needs (need to regularly clean the denture, in order not formed bacteria);

long - term wearing of the prosthesis can lead to deformation of the bone tissue;

- high wear resistance (in a few years, the prosthesis will have to be replaced, but if the prosthesis is made of high quality material, it will last at least 9 years)

Thanks to modern equipment and advanced technology, any patient can be assured of the high quality of the prosthesis. And so for a long time to save a charming smile, every day spend the oral hygiene, follow all the recommendations of the dentist and smile on health. If you have lost teeth, do not be afraid of the prosthesis, but it is better to protect their teeth, and for this it is necessary to visit the dentist and then you don't have to restore them.

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