Remedy for nausea breaks hearts - scientists

Domperidone is a standard remedy for heartburn, nausea and disorders of the digestive system. However, experts have reduced the list of indications to nausea and vomiting. When heartburn is to take other means.

Today described 342 complications after taking domperidone associated with the cardiovascular system. 57 people were killed as a result of side effects, reports The Telegraph.

Under the new regulations, acid reflux and other diseases, in addition to nausea and vomiting, the drug can be used, however, with great caution and the absence of heart disease.

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The above changes to take effect due to the regulatory Agency for medical drugs and products after the report of the European medicines Agency. Experts believe that domperidone should be taken as the minimum dosage, reducing the time of admission (not more than one week). Note, the drug in the form of injections withdrawn from production in 1985. Cause strong side effects.

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