Remedy for arthritis will help in treating vitiligo

Hundreds of thousands of people in Russia are suffering from vitiligo. The disease manifests itself as white spots on the skin and is associated with lack of melanin pigment in certain areas. Scientists from Yale University have found that the reception capacitive, remedies for arthritis, helps to cope with vitiligo.

While doctors do not recommend to use the drug at home, everything is in the process of the experiment. Volunteer for 53 years with vitiligo scientists appointed a 5-month course capacitive. By the end of treatment the spots disappeared from his hands and face, left no scars.

Now we are talking about large-scale studies. "Despite the fact that while this is an isolated case, the results are encouraging. We managed to make a big step forward and get closer to victory over vitiligo" says Brett king, a researcher from Yale University.

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