Religious people formed the wrong idea about the world

Some believers maintain children's ideas about inanimate objects. Scientists from the University of Helsinki found that those who believe in God more often than others believe that the oil, metal and stones can feel and even think. This attitude is similar to autism, talk to experts.

In total, the study involved 258 volunteers. People questioned on their religion, belief in the paranormal (spirits, ghosts, etc.).

It turned out that religious people were more inclined to trust your instincts. Atheists also prefer to use analytical thinking.

According to the survey, those who believe in God often gave a positive response to the allegations of the level of "Stones feel cold." Among the believers were much more people who do not understand the mechanisms of natural phenomena.

In another study, researchers found that among religious people the level of IQ is somewhat lower than among atheists and agnostics. However, religious people were happier than non-religious.

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