Relieves whether liposuction fat forever?

In the United States liposuction is the most popular plastic surgery, first surgical intervention to suction fat deposits was in 1974, and is currently underway 450 thousand liposucti per year. But does liposuction full fat?

M.D. Robert Eckel from the University of Colorado found that the remote when the entire volume liposuction of subcutaneous fat tissue returns on average one year after liposuction. Returning the fat is distributed in other parts of the body - arms, upper abdomen, shoulders. According to the hypothesis of scientists, in the body there are still not fully studied the mechanisms regulating the level of fat, which support the amount of fat in the body at a certain level. Scientists believe that such return accumulation of fat tissue reaction of the brain to sudden removal of a large volume of tissue, the brain remembers the amount of fat in the body and increases it again. So important is not so much surgery to improve the shape as a prevention to maintain weight form.

Before liposuction the group controls the special scanning was accurately measured mass fraction of fat in the body through the year almost the same volume of fat removed from the thigh and the abdomen, back, distributing it to other parts of the body.

Others, however, liposuction is not yet acquired such a massive scale. Perhaps, considering the example of the Americans all the pros and cons of this method of weight control operations, our compatriots will be able to adequately assess the need for surgery and to realize that liposuction is not the only way to maintain the shape.

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