Reliable protection from cancer four cups of coffee a day

American scientists recently proved that as of the effective prevention of such dangerous diseases as cancer of the uterus is a popular and favorite drink is black coffee.

The secret of this refreshing drink is that thanks to him, the body is the reduction of the quantity of hormones that are a catalyst for the development of uterine cancer.

It is, of course, is only about four cups a day. Some may doubt, and not even take it on faith in the feasibility of such relatively high doses for certain categories of people (particularly hypertension). However, if you are on your health coffee with caffeine is contraindicated, or if you're from the principle of coffee have caffeine in it do not use - not a problem. As experts say public health school of Harvard (USA), a similar effect has coffee without the "hint" on the caffeine.

The chance of occurrence of tumors of female reproduction in the world of black coffee 25% less than women who do not drink coffee. This result was proven in experiments, in which he took part 70 thousand people. This study was conducted for 26 years. But tea similar effect, alas, is not.

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