Relationship intimacy and headache

Quite a lot of people of both sexes experience a severe headache, while in the excited state, especially in anticipation of, during and after intimacy.

Men to have to suffer three times more often than women. News Agency BBC, this phenomenon was discovered by researchers from Germany. On the occurrence of headache is not affected by either age category or former sexual experience, either accept the position or sexual orientation partner.

Also does not matter the presence or absence of a partner - orgasmic headache (such as "name" called scientists), - you can experience during Masturbation. Some people feel such pain only upon the occurrence of orgasm, and some before him, after orgasm, or during all three States.

Orgasmic headache is very strong and sharp, rolls it suddenly and as suddenly disappears. The causes of this phenomenon, scientists find it difficult to name. But for sure I can tell you that this pain no, way is not related to the head injury, and do not represent the consequences of any disease infringing activity of the brain.

If the person once experienced orgasmic pain, this is not evidence that it could happen to him next time, but if we are talking about women. What belongs to men, they are, unfortunately, very often suffer from headaches during each contact of an intimate nature. With a female like this happen less often.

Researchers in Germany have suggested that orgasmic headache may be the cause of the rush of blood, and as a result of this process is a dramatic expansion of blood vessels during sexual arousal. But such assumptions until that confirmation is not received.

However, scientists warn that men who are exposed orgasmic headaches is not recommended to use viagra and other drugs that dilate vessels.

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