Rejuvenating chocolate - soon in any store

Biochemists from the University of Cambridge helped to develop a unique new recipe of chocolate, thanks to the ingredient Coco-Lycosome he will have a rejuvenating effect, all the aging process thanks to this chocolate will be much slower.

This invention was recognized by many doctors breakthrough in the field of medicine and nutrition, because the researchers were able to combine one of the most delicious treats and medicine to fight aging.

It is known that in cocoa, which is found in chocolate, a lot of nourishing blood and tissue oxygenation of flavanols. But a new ingredient increases the body's ability to absorb flavanols 20 times! No color, no taste of chocolate does not change. One piece of this chocolate in its effect on the body is equal to two tiles with regular chocolate.

At the moment, the chocolate must undergo clinical trials to prove its effectiveness, then the company is a sponsor of the development Lycotec release it on the world market in a very short time.

"Chocolate is already approved for use in the food industry, and the influence of one piece equal to the rejuvenating effect of the two bars of chocolate," said the company's founder-producer Ivan Petyaev.

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