Reiter syndrome is the development of disease and treatment

The Reiter syndrome called this disease, which combines the defeat of joints, genitourinary tract and the conjunctiva of the eye. The emergence of the disease causes an autoimmune process, developed as a result of intestinal or urinary infection.

Causes of

The main reason for the development of Reiter syndrome is a bacterial or viral infection. Also the occurrence of this disease may contribute to the hereditary characteristics of the immune system. The human body, for example, may respond abnormally to the implementation of certain pathogens. For the first time this syndrome has been described as a complication obtained after intestinal infection. Not so long ago revealed the true cause of this disease. It causes chlamydia. In rare cases, the relationship between infection and Reiter syndrome clearly identified.

The incubation period of the disease

The incubation period for Reiter syndrome is 1 to 2 weeks. The illness starts from uretiti (inflammation of the urethra), which receives expression in painful urination. Sometimes, the disease is hidden, unpleasant sensations are absent, and changes in the composition of urine can be detected only in a laboratory study.

Some time after the beginning of the inflammatory process in the urinary system, comes the defeat of the eye. Developing conjunctivitis. Sometimes affects the retina, the eyelids, iris and other parts of the eye.

Takes place 1-2 weeks, and then a couple of months, and the patient begin to overcome the pain in the area of one of the large joints. As a rule, the disease affects the joints of the feet. Of affected joints, the skin becomes hot to the touch. The pain gradually increases, the swelling appears. Then comes the turn of the other joints. Typically, the lesion is asymmetrical. The joints involved in the disease is "stair" (bottom-up), the interval between lesions is a few days.

Approximately 30 - 50% of patients in further developing the defeat of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and skin of the penis, forming sores. Red spots may appear all over the body. In severe cases or when there is insufficient treatment of the disease affects the kidneys, lungs, heart and nervous system.

The disease occurs more often in young men 20 to 40 years (up to 80% of the references), less frequently in women, very rarely in children.


Treatment of Reiter syndrome are simultaneously in two directions. Control of infection is the appointment to the patient antibiotics, and to suppress inflammation of organs applied glucocorticoids, cytostatics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs action.

Full recovery, even if the purpose of effective medicines and adherence to them occurs only in four to six months after the start of treatment.

Reiter syndrome is poorly treated. Often there is long over. The repeats are observed in 50% of cases, and chronic disease occurs in 25% of patients.

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