Regular sex is decent prevention of cancer and heart disease

Sex is an integral part of a healthy life. This exercise helps to strengthen family relationships, improve your mood, energize.

Before scientists found: sex not only affects the psycho-emotional sphere of the person, but on his physical health. In addition, sex reduces the risk of cancer.

Under the lens of scientists were couples aged 18 to 35 years. It turned out that регулярныq sex reduces the likelihood of developing cancer, headaches, trains the heart, strengthens the heart muscle, increases blood flow in the brain. During sex the man burns more calories than during treadmill training or active walking.

Active steps during intercourse develop lungs and heart. At this time there is a release of hormones that promote the formation of new brain cells. During orgasm, both hemispheres of the brain begin to work more actively, some areas that are normally not used, stimulated

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