Regular sex helps to the promotion on the post of scientists

British researchers from the University of Cambridge Ruskin established that regular sex promotes successful career and allows faster than others to achieve success. Apart from the quality and regular sex life, scientists believe, requires other skills, but the influence of sex on the performance so highly, that to ignore him is unforgivable.

Analysis of data on sexual activity 7,5 thousand volunteers showed that people who have sex more frequently than three times per week, achieve greater success at work than their colleagues, less successful in bed.

Volunteers with a regular sexual life, according to the study, receive a 4.5% more than their counterparts, and sexual activity only encourages efficiency.

The results of the study quite natural. Work is only a part of modern life. Only a combination of interesting activities, relationships, good quality of life create a feeling of well-being. Even the most interesting profession can make a person truly happy, if in other areas it does not add up, experts conclude.

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