Regular consumption of sweets does not cause ill health

A study conducted among 5 thousand Americans, found that regular consumption of sweets does not cause ill health, reports The Daily Mail. It turned out that people who eat dessert every day, faced with heart disease, obesity and other chronic diseases more frequently than those who eat sweets once a week or less.

To this opinion came nutritionist Mary Murphy, who is the head of research. She voiced this thought, but with a caveat: the obtained results do not mean that you can start to eat sweets in large quantities. The experiment was conducted among volunteers, 96 percent of which ate sweets in different quantities and with different time interval. It turns out that those who had eaten often and in large quantities, also remained in safety.

Thus, it was found that the frequency of consumption of sweets is not associated with the risk of obesity, as evidenced by BMI, the presence of folds of fat and waist circumference. In addition, consumption of sweets did not lead to increased likelihood of heart disease and blood vessels, was talking about insulin resistance, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

In addition, experts from the U.S. National cancer research Institute found that eating sweets gives a person, on average, 44 calories daily. As insignificant level of use of saturated fats. Most of the dangers sodas, sugary fruit juices and flour.

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