Regular consumption of champagne improves memory function

The man who every day drink champagne, you may protect yourself from disorders of the brain type of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, according to The Telegraph. As it turned out, in the varieties of black grapes, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir, of which basically do the champagne connection is found, which support a healthy memory.

According to Jeremy Spencer from the University of reading, dementia begins to develop in humans after forty years, and the sooner he will discover the positive effect of the champagne, the better. It should be noted that the scientist is not the first time speaks positive qualities, which is fraught with champagne. Back in 2009, Spencer together with a group of colleagues studied the quality of champagne is good for the heart muscle and blood vessels. Then the specialists for comparison took the polyphenols present in cocoa and red wine. As for the memory, in this case plays a key role of phenolic acid.

The experts were able to establish that this fizzy drink improves spatial memory. The experiment was conducted on rats, which the researchers added champagne in food for a month and a half. After this period, rats had to find in the maze of the bait. This exercise was repeated every 5 minutes to see how the rodent remembered his own way. The same test was carried out in the beginning.

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And here are the results without the use of champagne success rate was 50 percent. After the champagne was used, the efficiency increased to 70 percent. If champagne was used regularly, it increased the concentration of proteins necessary for normal memory function, by 200 percent. According to Dr. Spencer, if animals at achieving a similar result in the left half of the month, the person will need in this case for almost three years. Currently, the scientist is going to conduct testing with the participation of 60 persons of retirement age.

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