Regular aspirin increases the effect of a cancer treatment twice

Traditional therapy against cancer in combination with aspirin improves the chances of survival of the patient almost doubled, writes The Australian. We are talking about tumors of the digestive system and prolonged intake of aspirin. According to the results, this medicine improves the prognosis of the treatment of cancer.

Aspirin in small doses reduces the clotting. This is used by physicians prescribing the drug to the majority of older persons with diseases of cardiovascular system. Scientists have found that aspirin makes the tumor more open to anti-cancer therapy, improves survival rates in cancer.

In total the study involved 14 000 patients with cancer. One third of patients received aspirin prior to the diagnosis of a tumor, the other did not drink aspirin.

Five years later only 28% remained alive. Among them, people taking aspirin was significantly higher than. Scientists suggest that simple and cheap the cure may soon become standards in the treatment of cancer patients. While we are talking about the use of aspirin in all cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, except for pancreatic cancer.

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