Reform: the Salary of a doctor can make 1000 dollars

The reform of medicine of Ukraine in pilot areas continues. Behind the Dnepropetrovsk medical power of reform felt and their colleagues from the Donetsk region.

Today, major changes relate to primary health care - medical staff clinics. Confusion in staffing, in the structure of subordination. Patients consulted in one place, then to close the hospital sheet or stamp on prescribed medical certificate are forced to go to another area of the city. Nurses fight for territory cleaning as the day they worked in the same organization and in the same building, today everything has changed - the building of one, and the number of organizations - two.

Created new structures are not licensed to drugs that substantially complicates the possibility of palliative care for cancer patients at home.

Administrator Horlivka clinic shared information about what all of this is tempered by the promise to significantly improve the remuneration of General practitioners. According to some reports, the salary of a GP would be about 8 000 UAH, which is almost equivalent to 1 000 dollars. This is a significant leap of salary 5 times.

As previously stated, the salary of a doctor working in primary care, will consist of several parts. The first part is the base, the second - bonuses for the implementation of quality indicators. Such parameters can be the number of directions for a consultation with a specialist (the smaller, the more salary), the average duration of a sheet of disability, quality indicators for preventive maintenance on the site (the percentage of the population surveyed fluorographic, detection of early stages of hypertension, number of hospitalizations, and the like).

Even among healthcare administrators, all this information is just a rumor that tomorrow is to say, no one can.

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