Reducing salt intake reduces the risk of stroke

Use with food increased amounts of potassium, as well as reducing the amount of salt consumed significantly improve the protection system of heart and blood vessels. According to scientists, with just three additional servings of fruits and vegetables to significantly improve the situation. The positive effect achieved by the use of potassium, you should secure the consumption of small amounts of salt. It should also be noted that potassium has no adverse effects on renal function and hormone levels. By the way, who recommends to increase the intake of potassium to four grams daily.

The study found that if you stick to a daily amount of potassium, which is 4 grams, it will give the ability to control blood pressure and reduce by 25 percent the risk of stroke in adults. According to experts, established norms also apply to children. In addition, the study results of the effects of salt consumed on the body found that reducing the amount of salt in the diet of a person at least one month, will significantly reduce high blood pressure, which in itself, is already the prevention of stroke. According to study leader Graham MacGregor, even a small reduction is equivalent to halving the use of salt, the main source of which is still bread. Who recommends eating no more than 5 grams of salt each day, equivalent to one teaspoon.

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