Reduce even "normal" pressure, say scientists

Experts from Oxford University have offered to physicians to change tactics on prescription drugs for high blood pressure. Now this group of drugs used in hypertension to maintain the pressure on "normal" numbers. However, scientists are confident, if you start to take antihypertensive drugs in small doses before the development of hypertension can significantly decrease the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Proven fact: reducing pressure by 10 mm Hg reduces the likelihood of heart attack by almost five times and that of stroke by a quarter. It is possible that the use of drugs from the pressures of normal numbers in combination with additional risk factors (obesity, physical inactivity, genetic predisposition) will help save thousands of lives.

This information also applies to smokers, people with diabetes and chronic heart disease without signs of hypertension. While these recommendations physicians do not consider seriously. Required studies to prove the effectiveness of described tactics of treatment of hypertension.

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