Red wine will neutralize the damage from a sedentary lifestyle

Scientists in the global research has shown that red wine is useful in small doses. This statement is especially true for people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Substances contained in wine, have special properties and neutralize the damage from a sedentary lifestyle.

A useful action has resveratrol. The activity of this substance has been proven in experiments on two groups of laboratory rats. It turned out that rats with physical inactivity (animals during the research, were sitting in a small cell) treated with resveratrol had health is much better than in the control group. In the first group was activated mechanisms affecting the dynamics of the flow of all processes.

The study once again proves the need for physical exertion. However, current work is largely associated with exposure to one place for 4-10 hours with minimal breaks. Scientists suggest that small doses of red wine will help to partially offset the harm from such work and lazy lifestyle in General.

The authors of the study believe that just one glass of wine a day. A large amount of alcohol has a negative impact on health, provokes additional diseases.

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