Red wine protects the intestine against cancer

Red wine can help prevent bowel cancer. According to British doctors, the inclusion of their daily diet just one glass of alcoholic beverage contributes to the prevention of this disease.

The fact that red wine contains resveratrol, known for its effectiveness in fighting cancer cells. But scientists until recently was not aware of the number of resveratol necessary to protect against cancer. According to the experiments conducted on mice, it is enough to five milligrams. That's how much it contains one glass of wine. When large doses of alcohol, the body receives more damage than good.

According to the study's author Dr. Karen brown, most people think that a higher number gives the best effect. But it turned out more affected by low doses. The surprise was the discovery of at least some effect on health, but not in large doses. There is no scientific evidence that resveratol effective as an ingredient of dietary supplements. Found that it helps when you use only wine.

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However, it is not recommended to use wine as a method of prevention because of the possibility of a huge number of side effects. For example, it can be a cause of cancer of other organs.

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