Heavy smokers researchers from the University of the Saarland, recommend to pay attention on high-quality varieties of red wine. One glass of wine in front of smoked a cigarette will help to reduce the negative impact of tobacco on the blood vessels. Tobacco toxins destroy the inner layer of capillaries, and antioxidants in wine prevent this process, says Zee News.

In the experiment participated 20 Smoking volunteers without serious diseases. During the study people were asked to smoke three cigarettes. Some volunteers before Smoking drank a small amount of red wine, others drinking alcohol.

It turned out that the antioxidants in wine prevent the destructive action of micro-particles that enter the bloodstream from the lungs when a person smokes. Note that the findings of scientists at the moment, negotiable and contested. In particular, is an issue about the amount of wine and cigarettes, which generally can consume a person without appreciable harm to health.

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