Red meat - mutagen that causes bowel polyp

The journal "CANCER PREVENTION RESEARCH" published a study conducted by American scientists at the Vanderbilt cancer center, which indicates an increase risk of developing polyps of the intestine and other colorectal tumors when consumed in the diet of red meat.

Staff conducted a survey of more than two and a half thousand patients identified by colonoscopy polyps in the intestine. Using questionnaires, the researchers determined the known risks of malignancy and received information on the consumption of red meat with different types of cooking.

The doctors performed the data analysis and identified a clear link between frequent consumption of red meat, especially cooked using a frying at high temperatures and the risk of colorectal polyps.

We can safely say that red meat consumption is mutagenic effects on the body and causes tumors in the body. For fans of kebabs and chops of pork and beef should think about their health, and to prefer white meat or fish.

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