Red meat increases risk of diabetes

Data from the extensive research that has identified an increased risk of diabetes type 2 in people whose diet is meat, were published in the latest issue of American medical journal "Clinical nutricology".

A meta-analysis Dr. AP Pan and co-authors aimed to determine the Association between red meat consumption and incidence of diabetes mellitus type 2. The scale clinical studies are impressive: over 15 years was estimated dietary behavior 116 653 people filled in the questionnaire, of whom 37 083 men and 79570 women.

Follow-up period exceeded 4 million person-years. Over this period was recorded 13 759 cases of diabetes type 2. After scientists have made adjustments for gender, age, body mass index and other risk factors, including diet, were obtained results are stunning. Replacing one serving per day of red meat, nuts, low-fat dairy products, whole grains reduces the risk of diabetes type 2 for 16-35%. The risk varies depending on the method of cooking meat dishes: high - fried dishes, lower - cooked food and meat stews.

Diabetes is a scourge of modern society, risk is directly dependent on the food of human behavior. Diabetes leads to serious health consequences, all of these effects are associated with a lesion of vessels of all organs and systems.

The obtained data does not mean that it is necessary urgently to run to the fridge and utilize all that is made from meat. Meat cannot be eliminated from the diet because it contains the body needs trace elements that are difficult to fill other products. You must reconsider your diet: avoid red meat, instead of in the diet to add fish or poultry, periodically arrange fasting days. If you can not completely abandon red meats - do not fry it.

We can safely say that now "people who don't eat those, who looks them in the eye, have scientific proof of the correctness of their thinking.

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