Red is the sexiest

Red is the color of sexuality, with the strong power. Wear red and its shades is the most attractive to the opposite sex.

Most of the studies dealing with the impact of color, has shown that red in nature and in human life is the color of the signal that attracts attention. Color refers to the inherent sexuality and openness to a close contact.

Researchers from Canada have proven that the chance of becoming pregnant girl, constantly wearing red is slightly higher than the rest, due to the larger number of male attention.

Another study showed that the profiles of women with photos in red on Dating sites are more popular, and their success is to find a soul mate out there is growing, as an increasing number of sent messages offering to see.

In General, red is dominant over all others, and those who wear clothes of this color and its shades, have a greater chance to be at the peak of their sexuality than those who prefer clothes of other colors.

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