Recorded the first case of HIV from woman to woman

Experts from the Centre for control and prevention of diseases in America recorded the first case of HIV from woman to woman. Note that infection with lesbian contact is a rather rare phenomenon. More often HIV is spreading among gay men.

Examination of two women confirmed the identity of the detected virus, which eliminates the element of chance. Women had identical strains of a pathogen. Previously, such suspicions in the course of the studies found no confirmation. Usually happened lesbian contact between two carriers of different subtypes of the HIV virus.

Incident recorded in Houston. Age of women - about forty years. One of the partners knew about their disease and underwent treatment, but refused it back in 2010. The second woman had no sexual contact in the last six months, except in this case.

HIV was identified under the guise of colds. Initial tests showed negative HIV result, but after some time, re-test revealed the presence of virus. Doctors warn that any contact with your partner should be using contraceptives. Available methods of protection during oral contact, but they are not popular.

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