Recommendations for the care of oily skin

Every girl dreams of the perfect skin. But such a gift God does, unfortunately, not everyone, but only units. The specialists think that oily skin is the most problematic. The skin is constantly shiny, makeup spreads, there are acne and pimples. If You are the owner of such skin type, do not fall into depression. You need proper and regular care of skin. And she will thank for it fresh and clean.

Proper care for oily skin includes several moments.

You need to carefully clean the skin, specially created by the morning and evening. The wash should mildly irritate the skin, so as a rough cleansing promotes the secretion of sebaceous secretion.

Wash with warm water and finish water treatment costs, rinsing the face with cool water. Hot water increases the activity of the sebaceous glands, so it is not necessary to wash.

In the Arsenal of tools skin care should be tonic, which includes medicinal decoctions of plants. It is perfectly refreshes the skin throughout the day. Thanks to this tool removed the excess of sebum and the skin looks well-groomed matte look.

The owners of oily skin need to use masks. They have a systemic effect: removes dead epidermis, cleanse the pores from dirt and dust, make skin matte and fresh.

For oily skin necessarily deep cleansing that is provided by the scrubs. Part of the scrubs may include coarse natural particles or synthetic granules. The second option is designed for sensitive skin. Scrubs exfoliate dead skin, the epidermis, the skin becomes tender and fresh.

For oily skin one of the most effective treatments will be superficial peeling of the face. It is more effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, and stimulates the regeneration and growth of cells. The basis of peeling is lactic and glycolic acid. Remember that the concentration of fruit acids when using the peels at home should not exceed fifteen percent. With a higher content of acid the procedure is performed under the close supervision of a specialist.

Masks, scrubs and peels are applied no more than twice a week. These procedures are performed in the evening to avoid irritation or infection of the sensitive areas of the skin.

With proper care You will forget about most of the disadvantages of oily skin. And you can, being in company, to have fun and not think about how does the makeup.

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