Receiving the liquid food improves the blood

Long established fact: for the digestion of solid foods the body needs more energy. It is from this and repulsed by modern nutritionists, offering to try the new "liquid diet". National Post notes that this type of diet allows you to redistribute energy. Taking only liquid food, we can save energy, which will be spent on maintaining the critical functions of the organism and the update of cellular structures.

Constant fluid intake has a positive effect on blood properties: it becomes more liquid, changing its qualitative composition. However, there are many contraindications to "juice diet". The fact that the juice contains a lot of sugar, which triggers the development of diabetes. In addition, the juice is low in protein and fat which perform construction function and is necessary for normal functioning of the body without the development of pathology. DC will take only liquid food adversely affects the teeth, which must always something to be ground, otherwise there is a risk of dental caries. Should not go on this diet and people sitting on antidepressants. The juice increases the absorption of drugs that can lead to overdose. It is not necessary to use such experiments to nutrition during pregnancy - you just deprive her of the fruit of many essential nutrients and minerals needed during pregnancy in high quantities.

As an example, it is proposed to adopt three kinds of juice, nut milk, fruit concentrates, containing vitamin C and antioxidants, for example, lemon or cranberry concentrate. The shelf life of the juice - no more than two days. Such a diet helps to clean the body from toxins, heals the kidneys and liver, reduces night sweats, relieves insomnia. Not worth it for a long time to apply this diet. The maximum period is one week.

Despite these advantages of the diet, as the presence of fast utilizable carbohydrates, necessary brain, it almost does not contain proteins and fats that are necessary for a living organism. You should not expect rapid weight loss: decrease it only because of bowel cleansing.

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