Reasons for the formation of varicose veins and treatment methods

The first information about varicose veins appeared in the times of Hippocrates. Even then it tried to be treated by surgical intervention. Today, modern medicine offers a huge number of ways to eliminate this disease, some of them are completely painless. However, people are still very rarely recorded on reception to the doctor-phlebologist. By the way, absolutely nothing! According to statistics, every second citizen of our country can become a patient of phlebology. Varicose veins are today diagnosed even at 17 years old!

The cause of education

Theories of the origin of varicose veins, there are several. All of them can be divided into groups, which have their adherents. Some believe that varicose veins are formed due to the insufficiency of the valve system, which ensures proper operation of the superficial venous system. Also there are experts who believe that the cause of varicose veins - any mechanical obstacle impeding the flow of the blood. There are researchers who argue that the development of the disease are immune and endocrine disorders. Versions of many, but the most common of them is the vision of the problems of heredity.

Even if you are in the genus was not varikoznyh, do not prematurely exclude yourself from the risk zone. The development of this disease can cause standing or sedentary lifestyle, hormonal changes, pregnancy and other factors.


Treatment of varicose veins began several centuries ago, but the result has not always been positive. Often things ended in death. Today, doctors use radically different methods that can be characterized as less traumatic and invazivnye. Most importantly, as soon as possible to fight varicose veins. The disease in early stages can be treated easily and painlessly.

To treat varicose apply: coagulation, cryo procedures, various hardware methods, hardening. Only when all the above methods do not bring the desired effect, phlebologist will prescribe surgery. But this should not be afraid. Modern surgery to remove varicose veins are in the hospital, where it is enough to spend just one day.

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