Reading books in childhood helps to earn in the future

Read the children in the future get more money, tell the experts from the University of Padua in Italy. They conducted a survey of six thousand people from nine countries of Europe. All volunteers were born in the mid-twentieth century. The results of the scientific work says the edition of the Economic Journal.

Economists have divided the respondents into groups depending on the size of the home library. In the first group were the people whose home libraries are not there at all, and the family kept no more than ten books. In the second group were the owners of the bookcase with 100 books, in the third group – the owners of large libraries of two bookcases and more.

Scientists have established that the earnings of the people increased by 5% for each additional year of education beyond the school curriculum. It is interesting and different. It turned out that the large library is connected with high wages. According to the study, a huge selection of books in childhood increases the salary to middle years by 21%.

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