Raspberry increases the chance of successful conception

Vitamin C is an organic compound related to glucose. This substance must be obtained from outside for the normal functioning of the body. Vitamin affects the formation of connective and bone tissue. Is an activator metabolicheskikh processes, performs antioxidant, protecting cells from free radicals.

Raspberry - berry, which contains a lot of vitamin C and magnesium, which are so necessary to maintain male fertility and generation of the male hormone testosterone, reports The Daily Mail. The antioxidant capacity of vitamin C saves the sperm cells from oxidation and premature death.

A study of 44 men, showed that the group, often used raspberries, had 20% fewer mutations in sperm DNA than the group that raspberries are generally not used.

In addition, systematic accept raspberries in food reduces the risk of miscarriage and fetal pathology. Not only raspberry has very useful properties. Scientists advise to eat broccoli, potatoes, rich in trace elements and vitamin C. One serving of raspberries contains vitamin C as much as it is in huge bunches of grapes weighing 500-700 grams.

Raspberries also contain folate, which is necessary for optimal pregnancy and early embryonic development. This berry is a great source of energy during snack. It helps to maintain normal weight, restores hormonal balance in men, there are very few calories and sugar contained in it is absorbed slowly and does not pose the risk of developing diabetes.

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