Raspberry aroma helps to fight obesity

Women are willing to go to great lengths just to get rid of excess weight. They have tried almost all diets and ways of losing weight. Even scientific fact that overweight people live longer than thin, can not force them to accept a few extra pounds.

A recent study provides more opportunity for women to lose weight. This method is quite simple: it turns out that the smell of raspberries can help postroynet, thereby making a woman happy.

In raspberries, and other berries contain ketones. Ketones are called special aromatic compounds, which are often used in perfume production, as well as during the manufacture of certain food products, in order to give them a special smell.

But ketones - not cheap: in order to get 1-4 milligrams ketones need at least one kilogram of raspberries. That is why in most cases used the ketone obtained in the synthesis of substances. These synthetic ketones are advertised on the Internet as an easy way to lose weight.

The principle of ketones is that they help to increase adiponectin, a hormone required for normal metabolism. High levels of adiponectin are directly correlated with the amount of fat in the body, and that is why raspberry aroma contributes to the fight against excess weight.

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