Rapid test for the determination of food poisoning from fish

Scientists have reported the emergence of a new rapid and reliable test that can help people avoid terrible food poisoning caused by eating fish contaminated difficult to detect toxin from marine algae growing in warm water.

A researcher from Japan Takeshi Yasumoto and his colleagues explain that 20,000-60,000 people annually encounter poisoning ciguatera from eating fish contaminated by its toxin and this is the most common source of food poisoning from environmental toxins. Fish, for example, red or sea bass, get the toxin by eating smaller fish that feed on algae, toxic in tropical and subtropical latitudes, such as the Gulf coast of the United States . People are not aware of the possible presence of toxin, and the smell, appearance and taste are not issued poisoning. But several hours after the ingestion of the toxin, the people poisoned by cigarette feel vomiting, diarrhea, numbness or tingling in the hands, feet, muscles and joints. Debilitating symptoms may not disappear within a month.

The process of determining the type of poisoning makes you lose precious time and standard tests do not yield results.

That made the group Yasumoto to develop faster and more accurate test.

Researchers say that this method outperforms all existing methods for the detection of toxic substances, in addition to helping in the diagnosis of patients, it will also help scientists to study how the toxins move up the food chain from one animal to another.

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