Rapid pulse at rest increases the risk of premature death

A study conducted by researchers from Denmark found that even if a person has good physical shape, found his increased heart rate increases the risk of premature death, reports the BBC. Scientific work lasted for 16 years, during which it was studied 3,000 people of Mature age. It turns out that those men, the heart rate is over 90 beats per minute at risk of premature death.

Scientists themselves claim that it is necessary to undertake further research so as to understand the established interconnection is not currently possible. In addition, scientists are not able to make any final conclusions, because the physical activity of the participants of the experiment were also not studied. Scientists have studied only the data on the health status of men who participated in the study made a few years earlier mentioned research. Scientists do not exclude the possibility that since the state of men could force any reason, become worse, and this fact may affect the results of the study.

But, despite this, scientists believe that if the pulse Ochsen for more than five minutes when a man stays at rest, it is, in itself, is a risk factor for the onset of premature death, regardless of how well it is physically prepared. And the large number of hits exceeded the fixed rate, the higher the probability of death. According to doctors, 100 beats per minute is an anomaly, and talks about a possible stroke or heart attack.

In the study, researchers took into account factors such risk of premature death as hypertension and Smoking. As expected, participants with a slow heart rate were more physically active compared with men, the pulse which was Ochsen.

Representatives of the British heart Foundation has already managed to comment on the results of a study by Danish scientists, and on this occasion noticed that it is too early to assert that the rapid pulse at rest indicates the possible occurrence of an early death. British scientists are concerned about the fact that all the volunteers were elderly or middle aged.

But in any case, the British experts advise not to smoke, and try to maintain normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, you need to watch your weight and exercise.

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