Rapid flowering plants can cause the baby asthma

Mother, who was at the late term of pregnancy in the flowering period and high concentrations of their pollen in the air, can give birth to a child who may be sick with asthma, say Swedish experts. Newspaper The Times of India writes that earlier scientists were talking only about the possibility of allergies in children born in the period of pollination of flowers and plants.

Despite the fact that pollination occurs annually, the concentration of pollen in the air each year differs from the previous one. Experts from the University of umeå have approached the study and analysis of the impact of pollen on the status of children. The research was conducted by 11,000 pregnant women who lived in Stockholm.

Scientists have come to the following conclusion: those women, the last 12 weeks of pregnancy which was the period of active plant flowering was most likely give birth to a child with symptoms of asthma in his first years of life.

This pattern is explained by the fact that, firstly, the very future mothers with allergies. Her allergic reaction to pollen affects the immune system of the child still in the womb.

Secondly, the acute course of allergies to pollen in the mother can cause premature birth. And the fact of premature birth increases the risk of the baby's respiratory problems.

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