Rapid diagnosis of meningitis has become a reality

Scientists from the University of Strathclyde has developed an innovative test for rapid diagnosis of bacterial meningitis, writes the BBC. The trial version uses nanoparticles, lasers, revealing a number of bacterial pathogens. The test in the shortest possible time helps to establish the diagnosis and saves doctors a lot of time on treatment.

When meningitis is assigned puncture cerebrospinal fluid, microscopy and culture of the bacterial environment. Late diagnosis often becomes a cause of brain damage and of the migration of bacteria into the bloodstream. Sepsis is one of the main causes of death in meningitis. The disease is more common in children, the diagnosis in some cases time-consuming.

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The new method is called enhanced surface Raman rasseivaniya. The laser beam is directed directly to the bacterium, connected with silver nanoparticles. Next, the measured wavelength of the vibration spectrum. For the bacterium can be monitored over time. Using the method, the researchers note, it is possible to identify any bacterial or fungal infection.

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