Quit Smoking with all the may 31!

on 31 may the whole world celebrates the world day of quitting Smoking". Who repeatedly mentioned all the negative effects of Smoking on the body, every year to this day, the world health organization is actively campaigning in the fight for a healthier lifestyle. Smoking is the second number one cause of death among the population of the globe (here tobacco is second only to hypertension). Worldwide, one out of ten people die from diseases caused by abuse cigarette.

World day of Smoking cessation is from 1987 and is aimed at attracting international attention to the movement against Smoking, thousands of volunteers on this day, will try to convey to people the dangers of the use of this product. Who has prepared a promotional brochure in six languages - Arabic, French, English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian, were created motivational posters with social advertising.

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However, despite long-standing practice of holding such days, the number of smokers in Russia is not reduced. According to the latest data of 40 million Russians smoke - 62 percent of men and 15 percent women. And although we have already surpassed on Smoking England and the United States, every year the number of smokers in Russia only increases by half to two percent.

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