Quality literature and develops the imagination - study

Qualitative literature takes the person and develops his imagination. The reader is immersed in the narrative, perceives written, imagine the images and actions. This changes the biology of the brain of the reader, writes The Herald Sun.

A research group from Emory University found that a good book leaves a lasting impression on the person for at least five days after reading. In the study, volunteers were asked to read a Thriller from renowned bestselling author. After reading over the five days were conducted daily brain scans of subjects on MRI.

The study showed that after reading increased the number and activity links in the cortex of the left temporal region. This part of the brain responsible for speech and vocabulary. Similar processes occurred in the Central sulcus. This structure is an edge and separates the sensory and motor part of the crust. Increased activity in the Central sulcus allows us to better perceive the emotions and thoughts, to imagine things, to develop the imagination.

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