Putin commented on the situation with the reform of the capital health

The Moscow region became the first region, where there was a full health care reform. On the eve of Vladimir Putin said that the field of medicine requires special control, the reform should bring benefits to citizens and not harm.

"We need to see, understand, and subtly react to what is happening in the relevant professional community. And all the changes that are planned and occur, there must be, in this case, with representatives of the medical community. If the Moscow authorities at some stage have missed part of this work, it was a mistake, and it certainly needs to improve," said Vladimir Putin during a recent press conference held in Moscow.

Already taken the first corrective action. Abbreviated doctors will receive additional compensation. The remaining health workers will be trained at the expense of the city budget.

Remember that all health care should first be directed to citizens of countries that are major consumers of health services. Hospitals and beds should be used rationally. Now the standards of treatment involve prolonged patient in the hospital. "We have beds in hospitals are often used not to treat the patient, and to restore the health of patients, especially in autumn and winter. You need to improve the high-technology medical care: 4-5 days a person is in the hospital for intensive treatment, and then treated as an outpatient," said Vladimir Putin.

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