Put forward a new hypothesis about the causes of infantile amnesia

For a long time psychologists have tried to find the answer to their question: why don't people remember events that happened to them in childhood. Two scientists are confident that they have found the cause of the phenomenon, which Freud called infantile amnesia. According to the researchers, early childhood cells Central memory brain is growing very rapidly, making the connection between them is destroyed. As a result, many events that are stored there in the form of memories, it is impossible to get. Then these memories also fade.

The researchers concluded that this fact may explain the fact that children remember what happened with them in a short period of time. Meanwhile, the adult human brain is more stable than the brain of a child and thus memories in adults can be stored throughout their life. This conclusion came a couple of Tyres and Frankland Joslin, who are the authors of this study.

My research assistants conducted on mice. In the result, it was found that the increased production of cells in the centre of memory in the brain of rodents leads to the loss of some memories. Held earlier research work has established that people can't remember what happened with them until the age of two events, and also vaguely remember what happened to them before the age of seven. Not once scientists have tried to give any explanation of this phenomenon. Was the version put forward that new memories "written" on the old. In addition, experts tend to think that the memory becomes stable after the child starts normally speak.

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Meanwhile, the couple believe that we put forward their hypothesis is the most plausible of all the above. According to the couple, a similar phenomenon has many advantages, as the child in the child is experiencing a huge number of stresses, and if each stress was memorable for a lifetime, it could lead to the development of mental disorders. Thus, this phenomenon can be regarded as a kind of protective reaction of the organism.

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