Purity is the enemy of the child's immune system

It is known that children from large cities are much more likely to suffer from allergies than children from rural areas. Scientists at the University of Chicago Rukhi Gupta created a map of the prevalence of childhood food allergies in the United States. The study analyzed data on more than 40 thousands of children and adolescents.

It became known that the highest percentage of children with peanut Allergy live in big cities. And allergic to seafood city suffered 2.4 children, whereas in rural areas only 0.8 percent of children.

Lives in rural areas 6.2% of children with allergies, and in the city of 9.8 percent. In nearly half of cases, the Allergy is accompanied dangerous complications that can threaten the child's life.

Scientists have put forward their own theories about this "geography allergies". It is believed that the small dust on the streets depresses the immune system. However, how can we explain the fact that children from affluent families are much more likely are available, than children from poor families? Probably because children's immune system is a natural "hardening" when confronted with new germs and bacteria that are contained in the mud. Children of pure, sterile rooms do not have opportunities to develop their immune system, while children from rural areas develop it and become immune to the allergens.

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"Discovery has shown that the development of food allergies enormous influence the environment. The same can be said about the geography of asthma. However, understanding the factors of urban and rural environment will help scientists to develop methods to prevent the disease," explains Dr. Racha Gupta.

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