Public proton therapy cancer cure worse than cheap ray

Becoming increasingly popular among patients suffering from prostate cancer, in recent years in proton therapy. Patients often prefer it another way, the "old" already tested type of treatment, referred to as radiation therapy intensity modulated (IMRT).

"However, new research shows that such phenomena are no objective reasons. In the financial aspect of IMRT even better because it costs half the price," reports Reuters.

Research on this topic was carried out by researchers at the University of North Carolina (chapel hill, USA). They compared the effectiveness of two types of therapy, we used data 13 of thousands of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer at an early stage.

The final results showed insignificant differences in needs of additional courses of cancer treatment among patients who were treated with IMRT, and received, respectively, the proton therapy. Meanwhile, in the case of proton therapy patients by 30% and more experienced quite often suffering due to side effects, which were gastrointestinal problems.

"This is clear evidence that proton therapy is not only not better, but quite possibly not even as good than IMRT," says Matthew Cooperberg - doctor-urologist from the University of California (USA, San Francisco), which participate in the study did not take.

In all though, the cost of proton therapy is 100 thousand dollars per patient and the cost of radiation - only 50 thousand

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"In addition, radiation therapy has also proved more effective than another type of therapy is conformational. If in 2000 by IMRT treatment spent less than 1 percent of patients with prostate cancer, by 2008 the ninth year, this method was chosen for 96% of the patients," presented at materials research, published in the journal of the American medical Association.

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